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Valley Nut Groves

Established in 1923


Valley Nut Groves is situated in Gapsted, in the beautiful Ovens Valley, North East of Victoria.  Our family farm is dedicated entirely to the production of tasty, health giving walnuts.  With over 170 acres of river flats, our farm sells quality produce to discerning customers. 

Our 3 main varieties are



Franquette was the variety chosen for its suitability to the Ovens Valley region.  A well-sealed nut with good keeping qualities; honey coloured kernel with a naturally rich flavour.

walnut nut.jpg



This popular soft-shelled variety of Walnut, with very white kernel was first planted in our orchard in 1997. 

walnut nut.jpg



Consistently large walnuts. The kernel is soft with a creamy flavor. This French variety is well suited to cool growing areas.