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The Business
Something about VNG. who is VNG? what is VNG?
Valley Nut Groves is one of the largest walnut farms in the southern hemisphere.

The Orchards
Something about the orchards and what nuts grow in each.

Walnut Varieties
There are many walnut varieties. Some of the more popular include: English ( Persian) walnut, Juglans regia: Probably the most popular, the shell is easier to break with a nutcracker than some others. White (or butternut) walnut, Juglans cinerea: A sweeter and oilier taste than many other varieties. Black walnut, Juglans nigra: Have a strong and distinctive flavour. In Australia they are mainly used as root stock.
Harvesting and Processing Processing and Products Australian Walnut Industry Cultivation

Contact & location

Something about hot best to contact Gill. Availability notes, etc.
- Its best to call to arrange a time to visit. blah.

Contact Details
        Farm Manager: Gillian Gasser
        Telephone: 57 521 251
        Address: Vally Nut Groves, 999 Schlapps Road, Gapsted VIC 3737, Australia
        Postal address: PO Box 999, Myrtleford VIC 3737, Australia
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Stock Orders

Something about what stock can be ordered
pre-bagged, 1kg, 2kg, 50kg, etc
whats available in shop
whats available custom order

Additional products
nut crackers, bread board, etc
VNG stickers

FAQ & History

FAQ part:

+ Where is the nearest petrol station?
+ Can we bring our pet for a run around?
+ Should we bring any special clothing?
+ What should we bring to eat and drink?
+ Will my mobile phone get reception?
+ Do we need something to help collect the nuts and something to put them in?
+ How do I organise a coach tour to visit the farm?

History part:

history about how VNG cam about, Abe and Iris, etc


nutrition + health + recipes
recommended cook books
-that cook book mum was inc

Mums recommended other things i.e.
- local accommodation
- food places
- events
- sights

Varieties cook books busses